Armature Ball valves Threaded Welded On flanges Butterfly valves Manually actuated Automatically actuated Stop valves Globe valves Gate valves Needle valves Actuators, positioners and limit switches Pneumatic actuators Electric actuators Electric positioners for precise positioning of the valve Electo-pneumatic positioners for precise positioning of the valve Limit switches – openned or closed Special valves Pneumatically actuated angle valves Special armature Check valves Filters Stainless steel pipe armature Fittings and pipe fittings Flanges Regulators For gases and liquids Standard and precise Proportional Safety valves Safety valves Steam Traps Hygiene armature Stopping couplings armature Butterfly valves Couplings armature Stainless steel pipe fittings Clamp connections Special armature Filters Check valves Sight glasses Connections for piping Electronics and Electrotechnics Protection and change-over equipment Circuit brakers Case circuit brakers Contactors Residual Current Circuit Brakers with overcurrent protection Motor protection devices and thermal overload relays Relays Main switches Switches and push buttons Clamps and couplings Terminal blocks Industrial connectors Controllers PLC controllers Power supplies DIN Power supplies Frequency inverters Single phase Three phase Soft starters Cables Control cables Power cables Data cables Temperature resistant cables Rubber cables Spiral cables Single cores Cable accessories Cable glands End sleeves Protective cable conduit systems Cable canals and DIN rails Cable ties and marking systems Cable chains Cable chains Sensors Proximity sensors Inductive sensors Capacitive sensors Photo sensors and mark sensors Multi-function counter Light curtain Digital temperature controlers Timers Accessories Incremental encoders and linear sensors Resistive linear positions transducers Rotary incremental encoders Counters Linear incremental encoders Touchpanel Touch panels Cases, boxes and enclosers Stainless steel Powder coated Plastic